Total Timber Tour 2

Total Timber Tour 2

June 5 - June 26 2010 | 7935 Miles, 27 States, 22 Days | 154 Roller Coasters, 24 Parks
About the Tour

After 18 trips to the US over 20 years, Adrian & Ian, 2 Roller Coaster Enthusiasts from the UK, have ridden over 700 Roller Coasters, and visited more than 100 Theme and Amusements Parks around the world. Before this trip, they had ridden almost every wooden coaster in the US.

In 2010, after a failed attempt 2 years earlier, they embarked on this trip with one mission - to complete their boast that they have ridden every operating wooden coaster in the US*.

The remaining coasters were spread from Alabama to California and the trip took in some new steel coasters spread across the country. It covered 24 parks, 6 new to them and 154 coasters in total, 41 new to them.

The ‘Total Timber Tour 2’ travelled from New Jersey, through Canada, Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Texas, Southern Alabama, and through to the West via New Mexico. The climax of the tour was a ride on ‘Terminator Salvation: The Ride’ at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California - a new wooden coaster that opened in May 2009. In all, the tour crossed 27 state lines, and totalled 7935 miles!

You can see their adventures of the trip via the daily blog which tracked the route as the pair worked their way from East to West. This website peaked at 8900+ hits a day during the tour.


*Excluding those SBNO (Standing, but non-operational), those under construction until the trip is complete and junior rides that have a maximum rider height limit


Day07 thumb


Heading south to Charlotte, NC and another familiar park but, again, the introduction of a brand new 232ft hyper-coaster - also called Intimidator - means we have to add it to the itinerary.

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Family Kingdom

Across to Myrtle Beach, SC and a change to our planned visit to Freestyle Music Park after the park has closed. So a chance to re-ride the excellent Swamp Fox and dip out toes in the atlantic!

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Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA. Last here as part of a day out from a Florida vacation in 2004. Nothing new since then apart from great reports about the re-tracking of their woodie, and a natural stop on the way to Gulf Shores.

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Waterville USA | Dixie Landin'

The Cannonball Run at Waterville USA, Gulf Shores, AL was "The one that got away" on our first attempt to complete the list of all American woodies in 2008. Our plans were quashed by Hurricane Gustav. We've learnt our lesson since then, and have alternative plans in place should we need to stay here longer than the itinerary to gain this coaster credit!

Once The Cannonball Run has been put through its paces, a new park for us to while away the summer evening at Dixie Landin' Family Theme Park, Baton Rouge, LA

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After a hectic first 10 days, our one and only non-park day and the chance to rack up some miles driving north, stopping at Graceland en-route.

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Six Flags Great America

We stopped by at Six Flags Great America, Gurnee IL, on the 2008 trip, but left early due to the crowds. This time we plan to stay for longer and gain a "re-credit"? on the relocated Little Dipper.

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