Total Timber Tour

Total Timber Tour

August 20 - September 9 2008 | 6769 Miles, 20 States, 21 Days | 85 Roller Coasters, 20 Parks
About the Tour

After 17 trips to the US over 20 years, Adrian & Ian, 2 Roller Coaster Enthusiasts from the UK, had ridden over 600 Roller Coasters, and visited more than 100 Theme Parks. At this time, they had ridden almost every wooden coaster in the US.

Breakfast Show Host Shane O'Conner and Adrian Radio Derby's Shane O'Conner and Adrian
In 2008 they planned to ride the remaining 9 wooden coasters they hadn’t ridden. At the end of the trip, they should have been in a position to boast that they had ridden every wooden coaster in the US.

The remaining coasters were spread from New Jersey to Washington State, with the latter in Puyallup only being open for 21 days of the year, 4 in spring and 17 in September.

The ‘Total Timber Tour’ was due to travel through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Southern Alabama, and through to the West via Utah. The climax of the tour was a ride on the ‘Coaster Thrill Ride’ at Puyallup Fair in September. In all, the tour crossed 20 states, and totals 6769 miles!

However, regretfully, they were not be able to complete their goal of riding every wooden coaster in the United States during the tour. Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf Coast on the day they were to tick off the Cannonball at Waterville, in Gulf Shores, Alabama and this park was within an official evacuation line. Also, Flying Turns at Knoebel's had yet to open although this would not have affected the outcome of the trip alone as long as it remained 'under construction' for the duration of the trip.

The trip website attracted 3000+ hits a day during the tour.


Day04 thumb

Holiday World

Nothing new for us here, but 3 world-class wooden coasters to take through their paces.

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Day05 thumb

Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis to ride their new Evel Knievel coaster. We have always had a great day out at this park and, with 3 woodies, this is definitely a coaster-lovers destination.

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Day06 thumb

Six Flags Great America | Little Amerricka

Again, nothing new for us here, but we couldn't drive by without stopping in!

Drive up to Little Amerricka for a quick go on the Meteor junior woodie, just to say we've done it! If we get to Wisconsin Dells in time, might sneak a quick go on Hades and Avalanche. Hades in the dark........!

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Day07 thumb

Mt. Olympus Water | Timber Falls

A day in the Dells starts with Avalanche, one of the best kept coaster secrets in the 'States!

Onto Mount Olympus, home to our Number 1 coaster in the world, Hades!

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Day08 thumb


A day at Valleyfair, and a new coaster for us to add to the list, Renegade Outlaw Coaster. It's been 9 years since we visited this park, so it'll be interesting to see how it's changed!

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Day09 thumb

Nickelodeon Universe

A quick trip to the Mall, before a long drive ahead!

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Day10 thumb

Jeremy Reid's Coaster

Relocation driving day - we're going down to Texas! This might not be a "coaster free" day - we'll have to wait and see what pans out.

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Six Flags Over Texas

The original and, in our opinion, still the best Six Flags park in the chain. Texas Giant holds a special place in our hearts .It was Adrian's second US woodie and, with the demise of Astroworld, the 1st remaining.

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Day12 thumb

Kemah Boardwalk

Adding the Boardwalk Bullet to the 'woodies done' list is our main objective here. It'll be interesting to see how it rides as there has been various reports circulating about this ride.. Can't wait!

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