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Stockhorn Cable Car Bungy

Europe 2017 Blog Day 11

Hi guys, well it’s day 11 and we had our first lye in on the trip this morning as we didn’t need to be on the road until 10am – bonus! We crossed the border into Switzerland within a matter of seconds of leaving our hotel and again no passport checks required.

After months of planning we headed to Interlaken which has just about every activity you could wish to do from Paragliding, Skydiving, etc. We decided to stop off for a quick refreshment break on the way and thought we'd have a couple of milkshakes. That will be 15 Swiss Francs please (an equivalent of £12.50) – wow it’s going to be an expensive 3 days here in Switzerland, but we knew this when planning the trip and had tried to budget accordingly.

On arriving in Interlaken at 12:20pm our first stop was at a small Toboggan Run which we had read about on the web. It hadn’t got particularly good reviews and the biggest criticism was that the place was a little run down with very rude staff, however we have to disagree on both counts. We purchased out tickets for just one ride each and headed up on the steep funicular to reach the top, where we found a nice viewing platform with outstanding views across Interlaken. We purchased some coffees from the cafe and had a 10 minute chill out before boarding our toboggans to get back down. We had a quick briefing session from the ride op on how to operate it (we politely nodded as we’ve done lots of these). However the only thing he forgot to mention was how steep the journey down was – yikes! A very small run compared to the other 2 we have done on the trip but it really packed a punch. See Video HERE

Back in the car for a 5 minute drive to check into our hotel - The Backpackers Villa, where we had already arranged to be picked up at 4:15pm for our next activity of the day – you’ve guessed it – 3...2...1...Bungy! We had an hour spare so walked into town to grab a very quick bite to eat as the Bungy excursion was going to take up to 4 hours. We dived into McDonalds and ordered a standard Big Mac meal, a McChicken Nugget meal, a McFlurry and a Milkshake which cost us the equivalent of £30 – daylight robbery.

The Bungy van arrived a little late at around 4:45pm as they had a couple of no shows at another hotel, and our nerves were getting a little jittery. A 25 minute journey and we were at the jump site which was just spectacular. This is home to the Stockhorn Cable Car Bungy – a 450ft jump out of a cable car gondola over the mountain lake Stockensee. There were 15 of us jumping and we all weighed in, got harnessed up, and told in which order we would be jumping as they had to use 3 different Bungy cords. I was jumping first and Adrian last, so we all boarded the gondola and up...up...up we went. We were instructed to look over and smile at the camera man (who was harnessed and hanging out of the gondola) as we jumped, so that’s exactly what I did.

So how was it ... I loved it. The freefall was amazing and the scenery just stunning. After a few rebounds I was lowered into a dinghy that was waiting on the lake and my ankle harnesses were removed and they rowed be back to the shoreline. An hour later of watching everyone else jump it was eventually Adrian’s turn and I was filming from the cable car station and could hear him whooping it up as he jumped. Adrian loved the jump itself but thought the operators were not as competent as the AJ Hackett Bungy crew.

We have purchased a set of professional photos from the crew, but these will be e-mailed to us within 48 hours so will not be included in the photos below. However, once received we will upload them to today’s blog and will advise you when to revisit this page.

photo tagWelcome to Switzerland
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photo tagFunicular Station
photo tagFunicular
photo tagSommerrodelbahn Interlaken
photo tagNeed more Coffee!
photo tagEnjoyed that!
photo tagInterlaken
photo tagOur "Hostel"
photo tagGreat Views from tonights accommodation
photo tagReminds us of Queenstown, NZ
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photo tagSwitzerland - Chocolate and Cheese
photo tagPreparing for our excursion
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photo tagTo jump from a height, you have to go UP!
photo tagLook for the jump cable car and the small boat to get a sense of the height of the jump
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